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LipoSonic Portable Weight Loss HIFU Machine


LipoSonic is a professional beauty machine that uses high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) waves to demolish and remove fat cells on targeted areas of the body.

Visible treatment effects  include weight loss, reduction in waist size, cellulite reduction, skin tightening and skin anti-aging.


  • Achieves permanent fat reduction - Targeted fat cells are completely destroyed and these dead cells are naturally metabolized over the coming weeks, so they won‚Äôt be coming back.
  • Dramatic results (loss of inches combined with significant¬†skin tightening) can be achieved in as little as a single 1 hour treatment session. ¬†
  • Based on clinical studies, adults who are close to their ideal weight can expect to lose 2cm of body fat following only 1 session and 5-8cm of body fat after 3+ sessions.
  • Safe, non-invasive treatment, relatively painless,¬†with no downtime.¬†
  • Suitable for most areas of the body (most ideal for abdominal and waistline).
  • Works on both men and women and on all skin types.
  • Does not¬†cause the phenomenon of lumpy or uneven skin.
  • Machine is lightweight and perfectly transportable.
  • LipoSound easily be combined with other treatments, such as hydra facials and massage, nutritional guidance and exercise programs, to create a complete customized packages. ¬†This can result in higher client satisfaction as well as increased¬†clinic/medspa revenue.

How the Treatment Works:

The LipoSound machine uses a transducer to target ultrasound waves at selected specific depths in the fat layer where they are rapidly converted into heat energy.

The heat energy has two effects - (1) the effect of killing the fat cells, and (2) production of collagen in the treatment area.  This rapid heating occurs only in the precisely targeted areas.  Thus the surrounding tissue is completely unharmed.

The ideal candidate is someone who is close to their ideal weight and suffers from mild to moderate sagging skin with has at least an 3cm of body fat to reduce. 


Method of operation:  High Intensity Focused Ultrasound 

Frequency:  4MHz

Energy Output:  1J ~ 20J, adjustable

Treatment areas:   Legs, Arms, Armpit, Hands, Decollete, Neck, Face, Feet

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  • Power: 800W
  • Voltage: 100V/110V/220V
  • Energy Power: 1-20J/cm¬≤(Adjustable)
  • Screen Size: 8in
  • Standard Cartridges: 2pcs (0.8cm+1.3cm)
  • Cartridge Shots: 525 shots
  • Frequency: 4MHz
  • Machine Size: 48*28*25cm
  • Machine Weight: 9 kg
  • Package Size: 54*34*33 cm
  • Package Weight: 11 kg


We offer free delivery for all US orders.

Shipping times for orders in the US:
- Delivered in 1 - 7 business days.

Rest of the world:
- Generally delivered in 1 - 12 business days.

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We offer a 30 day money back guarantee for all products, as well as a product quality guarantee & warranty for all machines.

Full refund policy.


Rejuva Fresh is committed to providing the best quality spa equipment. Whether it’s for your business or for yourself, you need your machines to perform effectively and reliably for years to come.

  • Warranty period for main machine: 3 year from date of delivery
  • Warranty period for spare parts: 1 year from date of delivery
  • Support after the warranty period: Rejuva¬†Fresh¬†will continue to provide free technical advice and parts at cost.
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We fully support logo customization. We can add your brand logo to the case and/or the boot screen of your machines.

We can also create a machine shape that is unique for you, subject to minimum order requirements. Specifications are also customizable. Please contact us if you wish to customize your equipment.

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