Rejuva Fresh ROI Calculator

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Congratulations 🎊 , in just , you can fully recover your initial investment! Welcome yourself to a new journey of financial success, with unparalleled growth opportunities. Let’s get you to the destination of success together!

This ROI Calculator is a free tool, designed to help spa/clinic owners estimate the return on investment (ROI) for purchases of Rejuva Fresh Beauty Equipment. It takes into account various factors, including equipment cost, appointments per day, working days per week, price charged per appointment, and cost per appointment.

Follow these steps to use the calculator:

  1. Enter the machine cost in USD.
  2. Input the average number of appointments per day.
  3. Specify the number days per week your spa/clinic is open.
  4. Enter the average price you charge for services performed with the machine, in USD.
  5. Enter the average consumable costs per appointment in USD.
  6. Click the "Calculate ROI" button to see the estimated time to recover the equipment cost.

The calculator computes the weekly net income by multiplying the number of weekly appointments times the difference between the income per appointment and cost per appointment. Then, it divides your Rejuva Fresh machine cost by this number to estimate the number of days required to recover your investment!

Yes, of course. While this calculator was designed for spa/clinic owners, you can adapt it to other business types by adjusting any of the input values accordingly.

Mathematically this ROI Calculator is 100% accurate. But do keep in mind that your input values may in reality vary over time, due to factors such as fluctuations in the spa industry, competition, unexpected expenses, etc. Your actual results may be more or less profitable.

But generally this ROI calculator is an extremely handy tool. You can revisit it often as your business grows!

Our staff is available to offer you complimentary expert advice regarding beauty industry trends and which machines will work best for your spa/clinic. We also offer complimentary advice for personal users. Contact Us Now.