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LaserBlade Triple Wavelength Premium


LaserBlade Premium is constructed using advanced German and other imported components, providing unmatched performance. With over 20 years of scientific research and development, this product guarantees consistently safe and efficient results. Expect a quick hair removal process and undeniable comfort.

  • USA medically FDA approved,¬†TGA/TUV CE certified
  • 3 year warranty
  • Free personalized training with certificate¬†
  • Free logo customization (add you logo on the case and and start-up screen, no MOQ)

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  • Medical grade coherent laser bars made in the USA.
  • Super strong water cooling system with sapphire freezing point refrigeration and pump imported from Germany.
  • Advanced handle with patented German cooling technology provides¬† continuous contact cooling of the epidermis.
  • 30 million shots handle warranty; crystal and laser are packaged in one, with low energy loss and long life.
  • High machine power (3000W) with powerful 1000W¬†handle (1600W, 1800W and 2000W optional).
  • Japan made power source.
  • 12.1 inch resistive touch screen achieves superior visual perception.
  • Straight forward and user-friendly interface.
  • High definition color touch screen on¬†the¬†handle,¬†clearly displays¬†condition & treatment parameters.
  • Ergonomically designed finger trigger for easy, comfortable operation.
  • Multiple¬†wavelengths (808nm/1064nm/755nm) allow for effective¬†light or¬†dark hair removal on any skin type(‚Ö†~‚Ö•)¬†including tanned skin; clinically documented and proven results.

The machine is structured in three essential layers: Firstly, the power control layer, responsible for supplying power to the water pump and screen. Secondly, the main control board layer, providing power to the treatment module. Finally, the laser power layer, which ensures a stable output of laser energy. All designs have undergone rigorous and professional testing, and we have meticulously selected top-quality components.

You can compare this laser machine with any other in the market, and you will find that none of them can boast that all major components, such as power supplies, bars, and water pumps, to be imported. It is this commitment to excellence that allows our machine to maintain outstanding performance for many years.

How LaserBlade Technology Works

The system‚Äôs advanced¬†diode laser technology uses what is referred to as ‚Äúselective light absorption‚ÄĚ to safely and effectively remove unwanted hair.

As the diode laser generated by the machine passes through the skin surface and penetrates the hair follicles, the wavelength, energy, and the pulse width are adjusted to most effectively target and destroy the hair follicle.

Melanin in the hair follicle and shaft are precisely targeted, leading to thermal destruction of the local follicle tissue and complete removal of the hair.

New FAC (Fast Axis Collimation Compression) technology makes the laser output highly uniform and concentrated by effectively reducing dispersion.

The end result is smooth skin and long-lasting effects.

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Design Specifications for Bars of Different Wattage

1000W Laser Bar held in Hand

1600W laser bar design
1800W Laser Bare Design
2000W Laser Bar Design


Rejuva Fresh aesthetic machines include complimentary personalized training with our medical doctor and licensed estheticians. We also offer optional framed certificates of completion printed on high quality paper (professional grade certificates that can be hung on the wall).

Spas & clinics can simply contact us after delivery of equipment to schedule training. Resellers can also arrange training for staff or clients, on a case by case basis.

Contact us after you receive your delivery to schedule your training session by Zoom or FaceTime.

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  • Machine power: 3000W
  • Handle power: 1000W standard; 1600W, 1800W, 2000W optional
  • Spot size: 12*16mm standard, 12*20mm optional
  • Voltage: 110V/220V; 50Hz/60Hz
  • Main screen: 12.1 inch, color high definition
  • Handle screen: 2.5 inch, color high definition
  • 3 Wavelength: 755nm, 808nm, 1064nm
  • Pulse width: 5-400ms
  • Frequency: 1-10Hz
  • Spot size: 10-12mm
  • Machine size: 48*47*105cm
  • Machine weight: 45 kg
  • Package size: 55*55*120cm
  • Package weight: 55 Kg


We offer free delivery for all US orders.

Shipping times for orders in the US:
- Delivered in 1 - 7 business days.

Rest of the world:
- Generally delivered in 1 - 12 business days.

Full shipping policy.

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee for all products, as well as a product quality guarantee & warranty for all machines.

Full refund policy.


Rejuva Fresh is committed to providing the best quality spa equipment. Whether it’s for your business or for yourself, you need your machines to perform effectively and reliably for years to come.

  • Warranty period for main machine: 3 year from date of delivery
  • Warranty period for spare parts: 1 year from date of delivery
  • Support after the warranty period: Rejuva¬†Fresh¬†will continue to provide free technical advice and parts at cost.
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We fully support logo customization. We can add your brand logo to the case and/or the boot screen of your machines.

We can also create a machine shape that is unique for you, subject to minimum order requirements. Specifications are also customizable. Please contact us if you wish to customize your equipment.

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