Young woman with beautiful skin drinking water from a glass

8 Ways to Achieve Rejuvenated Glowing Skin By Drinking More Water

Is your skin thirsty? 

Help your beauty machines and skincare products work more efficiently and effectively by covering the basics in your daily routine.

Woman with beautiful skin  drinking water from a glass

Almost everyone has heard that drinking enough water is important for your physical well-being.   This makes sense since your body is made of 60% water.  Your skin is made up of 64% water, and even your bones are a watery 31%!

You’ve probably been told more than a few times to drink at least eight glasses a day.    And if you’re already doing this, well that’s great, and I expect you already know first hand how water really does help you feel better.

But what about appearance & beauty benefits? Can drinking more water also improve the way you look?  Can water actually make your skin look refreshed and glowing?  The answer is of course - absolutely yes!   

Beautiful young woman with curly hair drinking water from a glass on a summer day

Now we will highlight 8 highly desirable beauty benefits of drinking water: 

8 Amazing Beauty Benefits of Drinking Water

1.  Skin Tightening & Improved Elasticity

  • Factors such as aging and weight loss can cause your skin to sag.
  • Drinking more water on a regular basis helps improve skin elasticity, so it doesn’t sag so much.
  • Stay hydrated and you’ll experience tighter, firmer skin on your face and other parts of your body such as stomach and legs.
2.  Reduce Fine Lines & Wrinkles
    • According to science studies, people who drink less than 8-12 glasses of water often suffer from chronic dehydration.
    • This causes the body to extract water  the skin, which in turn causes cell damage, wrinkles, as well as thin and saggy skin all over the face and body.
    • Drinking enough water throughout the day can help you avoid this situation and maintain a smooth, more youthful complexion.
      3.  Anti-Inflammatory
          • Drinking sufficient water consistently is an simple yet effective way to reduce inflammation in your body, because the water lubricates your cells and can flush out the toxins and other irritants that produce the inflammation.
          4.  Treat Eczema & Reduce Itchiness
            • Dry skin can become easily irritated, itchy and red.  This true for everyone but especially those prone to eczema breakouts.  By drinking plenty of water, you can rehydrate your skin.
            • If you are suffering from severe eczema or itchiness you will need to do all the other skincare basics as well, including moisturizing well, especially after cleansing or showering.
              5.  Prevent Acne
                • Toxins can clog your pores, causing acne and pimples.  Drinking more water helps keep skin hydrated.  Hydrated skin will clog less, and you’ll suffer less from breakouts.
                • Another reason drinking lots of water can prevent acne is because it promotes skin hydration.   Dry skin can trigger excessive oil production, which may cause acne.
                6.  Reduce Apparent Pore Size
                  • It’s no coincidence that models with flawless pore-less skin report drinking lots of water.  When you don’t drink enough, pores can easily be impacted dirt and environmental pollution, causing them to become enlarged. 
                  • If this has already happened to you don’t worry because you can start now to drink more water everyday!  Ddoing this will help plump your skin and balance the amount of water and oil in your pores.  The result?  After doing this regularly for several days you should start to see a reduction in your visible pore size.
                    7.  Overall Detoxification
                          • Harmful toxins can take a toll on your total physical and mental well-being, including the health of your skin.  Drinking more water helps flush out toxins, helping you reveal an rejuvenated glowing complexion.
                            8.  Give Your Skin That Glow
                              • We’ve saved the best for last.  Yes it’s true you can get glowing , softer skin by simply drinking water!  That’s because water is essential in delivering essential nutrients to your skin cells.
                              • Countless studies have shown that water keeps cells hydrated, which in turn prevents blemishes, discoloration and wrinkles.
                              • Try this:  drink at least ten 8 oz. glasses of water, staggered throughout the day for ten days days in a row.   Take a photograph of your face without makeup on day one and day ten.  Take your photographs at the same time of day in the same lighting.  Evaluate the improvement for yourself!

                              Rose in a white jug of water | Drink water, rejuvenate

                              Now the next obvious question -

                              How much water do I need to drink to achieve glowing skin?

                               While eight 8-oz glasses a day  (8x8 rule!) is a common recommendation, in fact the amount of water you should drink in a day varies from person to person and depends on factors such as your metabolism, diet, lifestyle, daily activities, height and weight, etc.   Some people may need at least 10 - 12 glasses. If your not sure, then assume you need at least 8 glasses.  And if you are drinking good quality water, there should be no harm in drinking more.  So when in doubt drink more than you think you need!

                              Note:  It’s probably obvious, but it’s important not to just gulp it down all at once, such as 7 glasses in evening and only 1 in the morning.  Drink gradually throughout the day.

                              Stay consistent.  You cannot  expect see the skin benefits listed above within a few days.  Water is may be the perfect instant thirst quencher, but you’ll need to wait at least a week or two to start seeing obvious improvements in your skin texture and glow.   Just be a little patient, and you’ll start revealing your healthier glow within a short time.  Along the way you’ll also be enjoying all the other benefits of drinking water such as more energy, desired weight loss, more focused concentration, longer life span, disease prevention, and much more. 

                              You can make you water consumption more enjoyable, convenient stylish by using a water flask such as our Rose Luxury Water Bottle.  It will keep your water nice and cold and and it won’t sweat.

                              Drink up!

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